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Best Value Convertible Pannier/Backpack For Cyclists in Bike Shops

Posted May 11, 2014 @ 8:56pm | by Mike V

With over two years of development Banjo Eric did it again with the introduction of the Banjo Brothers Waterproof Backpack Pannier.  By keeping the pannier hooks on a separate side than the backpack straps there's no compromise with the bags comfort. To convert from a pannier to a backpack, you simply swing the flap to the opposite side and slip it down. The two super-comfortable backpack straps then can be put into action. 1100 Cubic Inches. 100% waterproof. Just $79.99.

But you all know a picture is worth a thousand words so here;s the man of the hour - Banjo Eric showing of the Banjo Brothers Waterproof Backpack Pannier.


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