Banjo Brothers: Official Supplier of 30 Days of Biking Merchandise

Posted March 8, 2014 @ 11:36am | by Mike V

There are some perks to owning your own business. One perk we are especially fond of is the ability to make deliberate business decisions about who we partner with.  Over the years Banjo Brothers has sought out partners and partnerships with organizations who share a similar ethos. Spending valuable time and resources with people who you admire and respect is paramount to us.  For us, getting involved with individuals and organizations who might further your business interests but who lack those critical shared values just doesn't work.

This all brings us to our 2014 Partnership with the team at  30 Days of Biking. Since their inception five years ago we have been continually impressed with their mission and how they've executed the 30 Days event. Obviously for Banjo Brothers the global reach and excitement the 30 Days of Biking is an attractive way to make our brand known to this growing community of joyful cyclists. This is a great perk but even more important to us is their mission of inclusion and their unique ability to communicate to non-cyclists to create an environment and venue conducive to understanding and empathy. Case in point - they got a gruff, somewhat anti-cyclists newspaper columnist to try out the habit forming endeavor. The remarkable part in all of this was that in the end, though it was not 100% perfect, it was able to peel away a few layers of the onion, and get get past some of the cliche, never-ending  arguments between bikers and non-bikers. There is room for everyone in this community and we love that.

Needless to say, we hold Patrick Stephenson, co-founder of #30DOB and Pete Basgen our two contacts in high regard. They are smart, talented, hard working and relentlessy optimistic individuals and we are proud the get to work with them.

In the coming days there will be some announcements about how sales of 30 Days of Biking Goods will benefit bicycling advocacy and support the continued mission of the 30 Days of Biking crew. For those of you just learning about #30DaysofBiking, we encourage you to take the pledge. For those who have been along before, thank you for your commitment and for showing the world just how much fun bikes are.


Banjo Brothers.

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