Join Banjo Brothers, King Mulhacen and our pals from AustinBikes for another Banjo Brothers Tiny Bikeshop Concert: Free Live Music Shows held in the World's Best Bike Shops.

Banjo Brothers Tiny Bikeshop Concert: AustinBikes

Event Details:

This is going to be a jam-packed night at AustinBikes' freshly renovated service station with two great events happening plus the Re-Re Grand opening of the bike shop.  First, at 6pm, the
Castelli Cycling Dog Days of Summer Awards Happy Hour will kick off.  This event is hosted by Driveway Bike Race Series by Holland Racing From their Facebook event page: 

"Join us for some drinks and snacks as we celebrate the winner's of the Castelli Cycling Dog Days of Summer Mini Series! We will have trophies for the top 3 in each race, leader's jerseys and a chance to win some sweet door prizes just for showing up."

Then at 8pm things get rolling with the Tiny Show. Meet and greet with "The King" at 8pm, with live music scheduled to start at 8:30pm. We'll be brining more beer and more snacks. King Mulhancen will delight you with a solid hour of live music with their sweet vocal harmonies, orginal songs and mind-blowing covers.  At 9:30 will givewaway some sweet Banjo Brothers swag, includuding the new banjo Brothers Backpack Pannier Combo (as seen in Urban Velo). We hope to see you here.

Banjo Brothers Tiny Bikeshop Concert in Austin, TX







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