Bike Shops: Are Custom Branded Bike Bags A Winner For Your Shop?

Posted May 5, 2014 @ 11:39am | by Mike V

It's a dog-eat-dog world out there and you my friend are wearing Milk Bone underwear.  For the past eight years Banjo Brothers has offered our dealers (independent bike dealers) a highly attractive custom embroidery program. The logo program was designed to be painfully simple: low minimums (one casepack per sku), not set-up fees and attractive retail price points for dealers.

The photo above features Amber from Bikes and Moore in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. These two items are among our most popular skus. The#04002 Cycling Phone wallet is a high-value, low-cost add-on at point of sale item that's perfect for featuring your shop name. Image being on every ride with your customer with one of their most imtimate cycling accessories. At $5.99 retail you can even afford to give them away with purchase to your best customers. Our seat bag program is attractive with two separate lines: Standard and Deluxe and with products from roadie size (#03009 and #01009) all the way to the large-sized 01030.

To find out more about our Banjo Brothers Bike Bag Custom Logo Program, use the Contact Form on our website. 


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