Velophoria: Standard Handlebar Bag Review

Posted December 13, 2013 @ 9:11am | by Mike V

Cyclist and all-around good guy Harry Remer passed on this thoughts on the Banjo Brothers #01060 Handlebar Bag. At $29.99 the Banjo Brothers bag is one of the most affordable on the market. That said, the bag has plenty of nice features.  Here is a teaser. Click on the links to read the full full review on the Velophoria Blog. (Photos courtesty of Velophoria)


The Highlights:

"Being a bit esthetically neurotic, I wasn't crazy about the extra straps, and assumed I would end up jury-rigging a less visible way to keep the bag from rocking. However, after mounting the bag (which, by the way, is dead easy) I decided they are sleek enough, and now view them as the mark of a cyclist who is ready to ride anywhere. Any visual clutter they create is offset by the low profile of the bag itself, which (in the Velcro version) sits snugly against the bars and is small enough to more or less disappear into the overall handlebar picture (especially if you're sporting black bar tape)."

Regarding the size of the bag:

"The size of the bag was a deciding factor for me. There are very few 4.5 liter bar bags out there (most are much larger or smaller) and that was what I calculated would hold the stuff I need to reach all the time: jacket, phone, camera, snacks, sandwich, a small lock, and maybe a couple other items. It turned out I was right -- it's the Goldilocks size, neither too large nor too small."

Money Quote:

"In all, I am very pleased indeed. With the two-bag set-up, I no longer have to pay style dues and jam all my snacks and layers into straining jersey pockets. (Really, who first thought that look was cool?) I've ridden hundreds of miles and felt totally prepared and light as I need to be. It all sits quietly tucked away, readily accessible, with little-to-no performance penalty. And there's room for an apple from that farmer's market I pass, or a bottle or loaf of something I pick up for my loved ones waiting patiently at home.

The perfect set-up for an adventure-loving cyclist."

For more information click here to read the full review.

Click here to buy the bag.

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