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What the heck is the Minneapolis Mafia? Around 1960 the media coined the phrase the Memphis Mafia for the close-knit group of friends, associates, acquaintances, and employees of one Elvis Aaron Presley, "The King." Don't get us wrong, the Banjo Brothers don't swing nearly the big stick Elvis did and by no means are we notorious enough for our own posse, but living in one of the epicenters, if not the epicenter of bike culture in the U-S-of-A, there is a close-knit group of friends, associates, acquaintances which make this a special place, and we hereby dub them the Minneapolis Mafia.

** Disclaimer: Nobody on this list agreed to be called the 'Minneapolis Mafia'. It's a totally fabricated creation and is intended to be handy guide for those looking for a thumbnail sketch of Minneapolis cycling culture as viewed through the eyes of the Banjo Brothers. We also don't mean to leave our St. Paul Brothers and Sisters off the list, it's just that the alliteration doesn't sound quite as good. Wanna make the list? Drop us a note, give us a call, or buy us a beer and tell us why.


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Banjo Brothers Introduces Bikepacking Corn-Soaker at 2014 Interbike

Posted September 8, 2014 @ 9:49am by Mike V

Banjo Brothers Introduces Bikepacking Corn-Soaker at 2014 Interbike The long national nightmare is finally over. Banjo Brothers, the Minneapolis bag designer and maker is set to launch their bike-packing/ bike-camping corn soaker at this year's Interbike Booth 12025. Holds 15-20 average sized ears of corn. Designed with 1680 ballistic nylon. Weighs only... MORE



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