30 Days of Biking Canvas Shoulder Bag

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You made the pledge. Now, reward yourself with the official 30 Days of Biking Canvas Shoulder Bag. It’s a simple canvas messenger bag that’ll protect your treasures throughout April — and in the years to come.

Created by Banjo Brothers exclusively for 30 Days of Biking, this stout, 18-oz. canvas bag, with veg-tan leather accents, will age as beautifully as Mario Macaruso, transforming from a light tan to a rich honey color (just like your Brooks saddle) with the help of the sun. It’ll look great on your body both on and off the bike. A perfect fit for a community of joyful cyclists.


  •  18 oz. canvas with vegetable tanned leather
  • Leather can be left untreated to age naturally. With exposure to the sun it turns from light tan to honey colored
  • Chest retention strap
  • Interior pockets for pens, pencils and valuables
  • Imported
  • Exclusive

Price: $64.99

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