Banjo Bros. Badge of Righteousness Ball Cap

Item# 99999-BB-Hat


Our black twill baseball cap with the Banjo Brothers the Banjo Bros. MPLS logo. A.K.A. "The Badge of Righteousness" tastefully embroidered on the front. The logo was designed by MPLS own Craig Rittler, our bike-lovin, Almanzo 100 riding, beer-guzzling' pal. Siimple velcro adjuster in back. It is a medium volume hat - neither "low-rise" nor billboard-y (trucker-esqe). One size fits a most, but probably not all. From our measurements, maximum adjust is around 23" in circumference.  If you're head is like  an orange on ta toothpick, measure and get back to us.


One size fits most

Twill construction with a fully embroidered logo

Badge of Righteousness

Fits noggins up to 23" or so

Price: $14.99

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