Quick-Release Bracket

Item# SW-QRA


All Banjo Brothers quick-release products use the same mounting bracket. If you desire to use the bag on multiple bikes, you will need a spare bracket. Includes all the necessary hardware to mount on 26.0 and 31.8 handlebars. If you are unfamiliar with the bracket mounting methodology, please refer to the instructions. Please do not over tighten the mounting screws. Please use the wire retention strap it is critical to the operation and if you do not use it, you will have installed it incorrectly and will void any warranty. If you lose the wire retention strap, you can find braided wire cable at most hardware stores.


Fits 26 and 31.8 handlebars

For use with Banjo Brothers items 01066, 01067 and 05008

Price: $24.99

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