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Banjo Brothers will provide a variety of replacement parts at  no cost.  The best way to get your replacement part is to use our Contact Form. Since many times you don't know the part name, if possible - photos are a big help. With broken buckles it is helpful to know  if your broken part is the "male" or "female" end. We also like to know what is written on the backside of the remaining buckle. This helps us identify the era of the bag and the appropriate replacement part.

There are times when you will not  be able to repair  the bag your self. If  you suspect this is the case,  our Warranty Page spells out in great detail the process for initiating returns.


  • Replaceable Parts Include:
  • Backpack Buckles
  • Waist Straps
  • Retention Bungees for Waterproof, Market and Grocery Pannier
  • Shoulder Straps
  • Siffeners for panniers
  • Zipper Pulls

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