Waterproof Saddle Trunk

Item# 01033


400 cubic inches (12.5” L x 7” H x 6.5” W). When you need a huge carrying capacity, but don’t want to add a rack to your bike, our Waterproof Saddle Trunk fits the bill. It has the capacity of many rack trunks with the flexibility to fit on nearly any bike.


  • 400 cubic inches (12.5” L x 7” H x 6.5” W)
  • Waterproof main compartment with replaceable welded liner
  • Outer pockets for easy access to money or keys
  • Webbing loop on top for attaching a rain jacket or other gear
  • Interior aluminum strut, stiff HDPE hull and 4-point strapping controls loads

Price: $49.99

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