Independent Sales Reps

Big 'ol qualifier:

Before you respond please read this: Over the years we've kept this section on our website as a way to generate leads for qualified, independent manufacturer's representatives who would like to pick up our line. Many people misinterpret this section as a solicitation to turn their passion into a career selling bike bags and accessories. Unfortunately, even though we have tried the approach, unless you are an established rep, with a portfolio of lines, this section is not for you. That said, we do have a rewards system for helping to get your local shop to stock the Banjo brothers product line.

About the Banjo Brothers and our philosophy about manufacturer's reps:

Tired of big-corporate, crack-whip type lines? Banjo Brothers is currently seeking independent outside sales reps for selected territories. If you like no b.s. lines which are easy to sell, give the Banjo Brothers a shout. Click here to send us an e-mail and we'll talk.


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