Corporate Giving, Donation Policy and Event Sponsorship

The Banjo Brothers are commited to the communities in which we do business. Through minor and major event sponsorships, support for non-profit community programs and schools. We strive to promote a healthy lifestyle and personal enjoyment through cycling and cycling relatyed activities. I know that sounds a little stiff, so let us be clear, if it's fun, for a good cause or if it strikes our fancy, we might just throw some swag your way. At the present time, the Banjo Brothers are more likely to donate product than cash, but each request is evaluated on its own merit.

Donation and Event Request Guidelines:

The Banjo Brothers will evaluate each sponsorship on a case by case basis. We prefer that organization has cycling focus OR is a charitable and educational organization for youth. Certain exceptions may apply. We prefer top steer clear of whackjobs, nutballs, yahoos and zealots and anyone pushing a direct political or religious message.

How to Submit your Request:

  • The requester must submit a written request on their company's or organizational letterhead that includes the following information:
  • What is the project or event?
  • What is the donation request?
  • What is the deadline for our decision?
  • What is the deadline for digital files, printed materials?
  • What group will benefit from this event?
  • How many people are anticipated to attend the event?
  • What exposure opportunities will be available? ie: flyers, social media, web, signage, mailers, radio, TV...)
  • What is your Federal I.D. number?

Mass mailings, fax request, & bulk-emails will not be responded to.

You can respond by using the Contact Us form or via mail at:

  • Banjo Brothers International Sponsorship Request
  • 4832 Drew Avenue S.
  • Minneapolis, MN 55410

All requests are re-evaluated each year.


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