Where Are Your Bags Made?

Just to be perfectly clear, we manufacture Banjo Brothers and Minnehaha Bags in Southern China in partnership with a company that we have been associated with for over 20 years.  We're proud of the relationship we've built with the ownership of the factory, the quality of our products, the working conditions at the factory, and the jobs and income we provide in our US headquarters.

Our business model is not for everyone. 

We fully understand to some people, this is a deal-breaker, and that's OK with us. Rather than try and debate the point, we’d prefer you just support Acorn, Re-Load, Stellar Bags Trash Bags, Frost River, Seagull or any of the other fine companies who continue to produce domestically in the United States.

Thanks, the Banjo Brothers.


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30 Days of Biking + Katrina Wollet + Minnehaha Saddle Bag

Posted April 5, 2014 @ 4:43pm by Mike V

30 Days of Biking + Katrina Wollet + Minnehaha Saddle Bag A nice little story about taking on the 30 days of Biking Challenge in Minnesota by storyteller Katrinia Wollet. The post at 30 Days of Biking's Tumblr Blog features a nice photoset from Brock Petrie. As a total bonus, the photos show a Minnehaha Small Saddle Bag on Katrina's... MORE



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