Backpack Pannier, Waterproof, For Commuters


Bag Description

The Banjo Brothers Waterproof Backpack Pannier converts from pannier to backpack in seconds. It's the most affordable "Backpack Pannier" on the market. The pannier hooks end up opposite the rider's back, making the backpack more comfortable.

Only available in black - red and white versions no longer made.

Not many people know just how stubborn Banjo Eric is. Maybe it's the German in him but for two-plus years, he steadfastly refused to launch a pannier that converts to a backpack into the Banjo Brothers line until the comfort and functionality were 1000% perfect. You, my friends, will be the benefactor of his dogged determination to make a better mousetrap. Imported.

HOW DOES THE CONVERTIBLE BACKPACK PANNIER WORK? Remove the pannier from the bike. Unhook the panniers main flap and reverse it over the pannier hooks and use the side-release buckles to secure it in place.  Backpack straps will be revealed. Put the backpack straps over your shoulders, adjust and you're ready to go. WATCH BANJO ERIC DEMONSTRATE THE CONVERSION.


In this short video, we are showing how the main storage compartment of the Banjo Brothers Waterproof Backpack Pannier. It will hold common bicycle commuting supplies. like a helmet, a change of clothes and lunch. The bag's capacity is 1150 cubic inches and it's just about the perfect size for your everyday bicycle commuting needs. Please note -I am using my personal bag (in red). This model (color) is no longer available.


New Features

A universal J-Hook designed to work with most racks replaces the triangle ring with dropout hooks. Since the J-Hook is designed to attach directly to the rack, we no longer supply the dropout hooks. For a short time you might find legacy inventory with the older system, however, Banjo Brothers will no longer supply or hold replacement parts for those systems.


Technical Specs

  • Weight: 3.1 lbs
  • Dimensions: 15.5" H x 11.5" L x 6.75"D 
  • Capacity: 1100 Cubic Inches / 19 liters
  • What size laptop will this bag fit? 10.5" x 16" (generally 15" laptops)
  • Sold as: single pannier
  • Two-layer design with a ballistic outer layer and welded-seam liner that is fully replaceable.
  • What does the inside of the bag look like? This photo shows the cavernous interior of Banjo Brothers Waterproof Backpack Pannier
  • What will it hold? Generally, this is an ideal bag for bike commuters. It holds extra shoes, lunch, change of clothes, and your computer.
  • Flap pockets and side pockets
  • Reflective piping and striping
  • Places for flashing lights on the pannier and backpack sides
  • Outer quick-access flap pocket and two side pockets
  • Included handle and two backpack straps
  • Imported

 Product Dimensions, Installation & Warranty