Banjo Brothers Shipping Rates

Banjo Brothers' domestic shipping rates are set by order dollar volume using the following price tiers. Occasionally Banjo Brothers will offer discounted shipping rates with promotional codes found on our home page.
International orders are normally shipped USPS. Rates are calculated based on product weight. You can use the USPS Shipping Calculator (link below) and the product weights to get a rough idea of the shipping cost for an international order This is just a guide.
We have found, most often USPS First Class is the most cost-effective rate. But lead times on first class shipments are long, and tracking capability is limited. More expensive options provide door to door tracking and faster delivery times.
It should also be noted, for international orders, the customer is responsible for paying all local duties, tariffs and when applicable,  local taxes.
Swag Rate
$0.00 – $1.75 =  $0.75

Standard U.S.  Domestic Shipping Rates
$1.76 – $19.99:    $3.99
$20.00 – $49.98   $6.99
$49.99 – $99.98:  $9.99
$99.99 and up      $11.99

Are You FAQUING Kidding me?

Frequently Asked Questions

What size rack tubing will your pannier hooks accomodate?

The newly designed pannier hooks will fit rack rubing up to 16MM. For bikes with larger tubing, there may be creative workarounds and we encourage all riders to make friends with their local bike shop mechanic.

My Pannier bungie retention has come un-tied what do I do?

First, don't cry. If you can tie a simple overhand knot, it's easy to get your pannier back in working order.

Does Your Saddlebag Pannier Work With e-bike racks?

The Banjo Brothers 01090 saddlebag pannier will fit a wide e-bike rack up to 6.5". The fit will be snug, but the bag owner can trim 1/4" off the internal p.e. board stiffener  to create an extra 1/2" slack. File this under - "the more you know."