Warranty & Repair

Banjo Brothers' Warranty Policy (For Consumers and Shops)

If your bag is messed up due to a defect in materials or workmanship for the life of the bag, we'll fix it or we'll replace it at our discretion.

The Common Sense Guide To Warranty Claims

Here's the deal: that doesn't mean you can beat the living snot out of your bag for years and claim it's defective. Wear and tear on bags is normal. Scuffs, tears, and holes and sometimes even broken zippers happen, especially over time measured in years, not months. If something breaks after a few uses, there's a good chance it's defective. If it happens over years, there's a good chance it's not.

Submit the claim so it can be reviewed. Normally claims are approved or denied in 7-10 days from the time you submit.

Other Stuff

Liners are generally not warranty items and are meant to be replaced over time. Liners last 1-5 years, sometimes longer, depending on how they are used. The same goes for broken buckles. Broken buckles are usually not a warranty unless you receive a new bag with a broken buckle. Issues caused by improper installation or misuse are not eligible for warranty service.

Many spare/replacement parts are available for purchase and self-replacement. If you lost or cannot find a part on a bag you've had for a while, that's not a warranty issue.

All warranty claims start by filling out the form and require a receipt. No exceptions. If you don't have a receipt, submit a repair request.

Bags acquired second-hand, or via unauthorized sellers such as (eBay and other 3rd Party marketplaces are not eligible for warranty.)

On simple repairs,or if you're looking for spare parts, it's possible your claim will be more effective and resolved faster if you look at the FAQ section before submitting the claim.

How To Get Fast(er) Service

When submitting a warranty or repair claim, the better the photos and the better description of your issue, the easier it is to complete the claim. Save the flowery prose for your novel. Here's what's important: Be specific. There is no need to call. The form is the fastest way to get service, hands down.

If your claim is approved for repair or warranty we do not follow up to let you know we've received your bag. Save your tracking number. If it shows delivered, we have your bag. There is no need to call. We do not provide interim updates on repairs. Repairs take 8 weeks, though most are completed faster, depending on the time of year. If in the off chance your bag has not been returned in 8 weeks, an e-mail with the tracking number will result in the quickest resolution and return of your bag. Replacement parts are sent as soon as possible. Normally within five business days.

For photos: different angles, good lighting, showing the whole bag so we can see the location of the issue. On broken buckles - knowing if it is the male or female portion, the size, precise location and including any information molded into the back of the buckle helps immensely. Review your photos before you send to make sure they adequately show the issue at-hand. Part numbers are golden.

Bike Shop Customers: You are required to use this form for all warranty claims and requests for spare parts. No exceptions. Destroy in field or customer replacement on the spot is not allowed without approval from us. We reserve the right to deny claims which do not follow our policy. 

Warranty work requires original proof of purchase. No exceptions.

If you cannot find your receipt but would like to pursue a service estimate, there is a special file you can download and use instead of the receipt. If you don't have a receipt your option is a repair. When it comes to repairs, most are affordable and the charges are set essentially to cover the return shipping. Some are done for free. We won't guarantee that, but it's better to submit the request than to not submit the request.  We're happy to try and keep a bag going for a few more years when possible.

What about repairs?

If you have a bag with an issue not related to a defect, the process is the same. Fill out the form and we will get back to you with an estimate for the repair. Instead of the receipt, there is a special file you can download and use instead of the receipt which you'll see when filling out the form. The cost of repairs is normally pretty reasonable and almost always less than the cost of a new bag.  Repair fees will be paid by you via e-invoice.




To submit warranty claims or request product repair services, click the following link:


Are You FAQUING Kidding me?

Frequently Asked Questions

What size rack tubing will your pannier hooks accomodate?

The newly designed pannier hooks will fit rack rubing up to 16MM. For bikes with larger tubing, there may be creative workarounds and we encourage all riders to make friends with their local bike shop mechanic.

My Pannier bungie retention has come un-tied what do I do?

First, don't cry. If you can tie a simple overhand knot, it's easy to get your pannier back in working order.

Does Your Saddlebag Pannier Work With e-bike racks?

The Banjo Brothers 01090 saddlebag pannier will fit a wide e-bike rack up to 6.5". The fit will be snug, but the bag owner can trim 1/4" off the internal p.e. board stiffener  to create an extra 1/2" slack. File this under - "the more you know."