Banjo Brothers Best Small Cycling Backpack


Bag Description

Hands down the best cycling-specific commuter backpack for petite women bike riders.

A compact version of our popular bike-commuter friendly Metro-Backpack designed for smaller loads and for riders with smaller torsos. Lots of pockets for organizing gear, lunch and what-nots. Internal divider pocket for stashing a small notebook computer or tablet. Designed like old-school messenger bags which relied on an internal "hanging liner" to make it "functionally waterproof." So what does. "functionally waterproof" mean? It's basically a bag-within-a-bag so that no seams are exposed to the outside of the bag, giving it a degree of waterproofness less than our two-layer, seam-sealed bag, but waterproof enough to withstand getting caught in the rain with a backpack full of gear for a reasonable period of time. This is a great option for students who bike commute who need to organize papers, notebooks and class supplies or a nice lightweight option for commuting with just the basics - lunch, your tablet, moleskin notebook and some tools.



  • Weight: 2.5 lb
  • Dimensions: 16H x 10.5L x 6W
  • Capacity:1000 cubic inches / 16.5 liters
  • A compact commuting backpack for smaller loads
  • Just the right size for the essentials
  • Fits smaller torsos better than our larger models.
  • Wide-range chest strap adjustment (no waist strap)
  • 9 exterior pockets to organize gear and large internal divider pocket

 Dimensions, Installation & Warranty

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