Fleece Hat (Banjo Brothers MN Nice)

Fleece Hat
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Bag Description

Banjo Eric Might Not Wear This Fleece Hat Whilst Sleeping, But I Do. 

Let's be clear - Banjo Eric wanted a fleece hat with the Banjo MN Nice logo for himself. He more or less wears hats all winter except when sleeping. So he ordered some knowing that at least one of them would be sold.  The Banjo Brothers fleece hat for cyclists is a medium-warm hat: It's thin enough to tuck under a bicycle helmet but not a super-thin helmet liner. Double thickness across forehead and ears and one layer elsewhere. Very stylish. 

The Devil Is In The Details.

It has been tested under Eric's bike helmet at 20F and cross-country skiing at 9F.  He expects it to be in heavy rotation this winter.

It's made from lightweight polyester fleece, stays warm when damp, and is machine washable (hang it up to dry). Imported. Quantities are limited. One size fits most.