Fatty Favorites

Elden Nelson, better known in some circles as "Fat Cyclist" is the host of the Leadville: The 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race Podcast. Fatty, as he is sometimes called, is a longtime collaborator with Banjo Brothers. This curated set of products are "Fatty Favorites" or Banjo Brothers' cycling bags which bear the so-called"Fat Cyclist" seal of approval. From Fatty's favorite under-the-seat bags to the handy cyclist's phone wallet and the versatile waterproof cycling backpack, these are tried, true and tested products by the fat one, himself.

Are You FAQUING Kidding me?

Frequently Asked Questions

What size rack tubing will your pannier hooks accomodate?

The newly designed pannier hooks will fit rack rubing up to 16MM. For bikes with larger tubing, there may be creative workarounds and we encourage all riders to make friends with their local bike shop mechanic.

My Pannier bungie retention has come un-tied what do I do?

First, don't cry. If you can tie a simple overhand knot, it's easy to get your pannier back in working order.

Does Your Saddlebag Pannier Work With e-bike racks?

The Banjo Brothers 01090 saddlebag pannier will fit a wide e-bike rack up to 6.5". The fit will be snug, but the bag owner can trim 1/4" off the internal p.e. board stiffener  to create an extra 1/2" slack. File this under - "the more you know."