Banjo Brothers 25MM Replacement Buckle

$2.50 $2.00

Bag Description

Jerry Guntweiler lost 4 fingers in a freak industrial accident at the Hoyt Lakes Water and Waste Treatment Plant in 1971. Jerry passed out when the accident happened and the four severed fingers were discarded under mysterious circumstances. From that point on, Jerry, to the dismay of his wife, Jenny, rarely, if ever threw anything away. Boxes, bins, stacks, and clusters of trash and treasure filled their modest, one-story ranch home from the basement on up to the kitchen and into the three small bedrooms. Jerry's custom 3-car garage could barely fit one car because it was so loaded up with spare lawnmower parts, empty  glass Hellman's mayonaise jars, blown out flip-flops, a dental chair he salvaged from a construction job he worked at after he left his job at the water plant, nearly 5,000 copies of the Range Facts newspaper and assorted unmentionables. Why is is this story important to you, a humble cyclist, looking for spare/replacement bike bag parts? Because each buckle in our collection of spare bag parts has a story like Jerry's. That slightly used and salvaged 25MM buckle has done its job while a hipster DB chugged cheap yellow beer under a bridge. That buckle on Banjo Eric's desk was on-the-job when Mika's grandma did an endo on her Raleigh 3-Speed and smashed her dentures on the Cannon Valley Trail. Now, just $2 USD separates you from one of these parts.


  • Genuine Banjo Brothers replacement part
  • Male Buckle
  • Recycled/Upcycled
  • Works on the main flap of model 01090 Saddlebag  Pannier and the Waist Strap of models: 01150, 01152, 05009, 01153
  • Imported
  • Classy