Banjo Brothers Extra-Large Affordable Waterpoof Bikepacking Saddle Bag


Bag Description

Looking for an affordable way to get into bikepacking? Banjo Brothers Large Affordable Wateroof Bikepacking Saddle Bag Is An Essential Piece of Gear For You

Want to bikepack without breaking the bank? Banjo Brothers to the rescue. A huge seat-mounted pack for bikepacking and commuting - no rack required. Usable capacity between 800 cu in and 350 cu in. 800 cu in (13L) – 22x7x6.25. Can be compressed down to 350 cu in when full capacity not needed. Rigid hull inside front of bag for secure support even when bag isn’t full. Removable waterproof liner. Requires a gap between saddle rails and fender of at least 8". Imported.

Why should you buy this bag?

Guitar Ted, founder of the world famous, Trans Iowa Bike Race, and blogger reviewed the Banjo Brothers Extra Large Saddle Trunk and it's little brother, the Large Saddle Trunk. Here's what we he had to say  about the capacity:

"The "XL" bag is more like a Tour Divide, "let's get away" type of a deal, in my mind. It is ginormous. I can easily put rain pants, a rain jacket, a tube, a repair kit, and some odds and ends in there and I still have room to spare. This is the bag to get if you have to haul a change of clothes to work, or if you want to carry an iced down 12'er to the fireworks display. The waterproof liner will allow that."


The Banjo Brothers Large Waterproof Saddle Trunk is also the same bag Banjo Eric used for his Epic two-week credit card bike tour in France. Read about that bike tour the Banjo Brothers Blog.




  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Dimensions: 22.0"L 7.0" H x 6.25" W
  • Capacity: 800 cubic inches / 13L
  • Removable waterproof liner
  • Requires a gap between saddle rails and tire of at least 8"
  • Weight capacity 15lbs is a rule of thumb but it can likely hold more 


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