Banjo Brothers Frame Pack, Small


Bag Description

Banjo Brothers helped bring back the universal fit Frame Pack, or Frame Bag by introducing three sizes of ready-to-wear cycling bags designed to fit a huge range of bicycles.

Frame packs attach to the underside of the top tube inside the frame's triangle, which, outside of water bottles is typically under-used for onboard storage.

The small frame pack, due to its compact size, will fit the widest variety of frame types and sizes. Keeps food and gear close at hand. Cut-to-length straps fit oversized tubes to 3” dia. Small will fit sloping frames down to 15”. Imported.


Banjo Brothers Frame Packs can be installed a couple of different ways fat end of the bag toward the seat or fat part toward the head tube, depending on your frame configuration. If you own a tape measure you can probably determine if the frame pack will work on our bike faster than we can. The bags fit both diamond-shaped and sloping tube frames. These cycling bags from Banjo Brothers fit best on conventionally shaped road and cyclocross frames, but if you have space, the bags will work on other bike styles too: Fat Bikes, Gravel Adventure Bikes, Mountain Bikes and more.  See the product image gallery for some alternative installations for Banjo Brothers Frame Bags.
For small or medium sized frame packs (or some people call them Frame Bags) will require 15-16" of space on the underside of the downtube to fit lengthwise. The Large Frame Pack, for comparison, with require 19". For day-to-day riding, the small size (70 cubic inches) is a good size and will fit the widest range of bike frames, the medium pack offers more capacity (102 cubic inches) and is great for overnights and double century rides. The Large Banjo Brothers Frame Pack offers the most storage at 200 cubic inches. With some attention to detail, you can avoid most cable interference issues. With small and medium-sized frames, the installation will interfere with water bottle access. There are usually creative workarounds.



  • Weight: 11 oz.
  • Dimensions: 14.75" L x 4.25" H x 1.75" W (small)
  • Dimension: 15.5 L x 5.75"H x 2' W (medium) 
  • Downloadable fit tool for the small frame bag
  • Capacity: 70 cubic inches / 1.1 liters
  • Cut-to-length straps fit oversized tubes to 3" diameter
  • Heavy-duty 1680 Ballistic Fabric
  • Main compartment and side compartment
  • Fits hydration bladders up 50oz.
  • Soft Straps