Banjo Eric: A Look At The People And Values That Shape Our Company

Banjo Eric: A Look At The People And Values That Shape Our Company

Constantly Problem Solving.

Naturally thrifty, Banjo Brothers Co-Founder Eric Leugers is a manic DIYer. From home improvement projects like electric wiring and cabinet making, to more esoteric projects like fabricating cycling knickers from thrift-store "action slacks" to brewing killer IPA's, dig beyond the surface and you'll find taking on these tasks are as much about a near instatiable desire to learn and solve problems as they are about saving money.

Words by Tommy "Hurl" Everstone

Leveraging his keen knowledge of fabrics, sewn-goods construction and engineering know-how, the mission would be to make less expensive bags work as well as higher priced gear. The strategy would deliver quality bags with the right features to cyclists at affordable prices.

Function and Durability Are The Priorities

Leugers’ engineering background is at the forefront of all Banjo Brothers products. He is constantly problem solving, putting functionality first. “Function and durability are my priorities,” he said, and it shows in the very organic product design. It begins with Leugers sewing prototypes in his basement, after “imagining it in 3D; I never use CAD,” he said. A design often goes through three to four iterations, with in-the-field torture-testing before Leugers sends it off to their factory.

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